PNC Power Solutions Co. is a manufactures' representative agency focused on electrical power control and protection of distribution systems and electric machines. PNC Power was incorporated after identifying opportunities to provide a service aimed at bringing innovative products and their developers together with customers for a win-win relationship. Our solutions are crucial in commercial, government, industrial, utility, power generation or most facilities operating or distributing 3 phase power. We partner with innovative manufactures that provide value and products with a focused niche, a market need or trending necessity. Our customers are end-users, consultants, distributors, OEMs and our manufacture partners. We engage with people in all facets and in many market segments, maintaining a network of innovative professionals.  We connect those who have a need with those who solve problems. Our creed is to maintain customer centric values from conception to obsolescence of the products and solutions we represent.


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GE Multilin 

GE Multilin protection and control solutions continue GE's 120+ year tradition of power system innovation from generations to transformers to motors and beyond.

GE Instrument transformer offers accurate and durable power sensing and is at the heart of any protection and control system.

GE Monitoring & Diagnostics transformer management systems are the most advance for capturing and analyzing critical data. This includes dissolved gas analysis to detect impending failures and avoid outages.