Full Torque at Zero RPM for Medium Voltage Induction Motors

Tesla's AC induction motor has occupied a longstanding position as one of greatest innovation of all times and will probably maintain that spot for many years to come until teleportation, time travel, and the hoverboard push the AC Motor in to obscurity, doubtful.
Today the induction motors makes up 38% of the total load on the US Grid. Industrial 3 phase motors make up 17% of the total U.S. electrical energy used and within the industrial sector about 62% of the energy used goes to motor driven equipment. Starting all these motors has and always will be a topic requiring special attention because of the violent nature across the line motor starting or a hard start has on the electrical networks, motors and drive-trains. Until recent decades hard starts have been the standard and soft start options have been limited to auto transformers and stage starting with limited flexibility and great cost.  

Enter semiconductors and innovations like SCR (silicon-controlled rectifiers), we now have more options and greater flexibility with modern Soft Starts.  SCR Soft Starts can now displace the majority of hard starting applications and reduce the stress on the electrical and mechanical networks. However, All the benefits and low cost of SCR technology is not with out compromise and so not all application can be started with SCR technology.  A soft starter by nature also reduces the torque output of the motor at startup and in application where full torque is required at zero RPM's an SCR soft starter will not start the process and the motor may stall out.

The DriveStart is optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque and at half the cost of a VFD.

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