Engineered Electrical Buildings (E-Houses)

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to start a conversation about Engineered Electrical Buildings or E-Houses.

Electrical Buildings offer a unique opportunity for a wide range of projects and market segments.  Projects that benefit most are interested in compressing their schedule for the simple fact that often time is money. E-Houses can be designed, built and factory tested in parallel to site preparation, drastically reducing the critical path to startup.  We understand that missing startup deadlines can mean thousands and even millions of dollars lost each day. We understand industry needs and would like the opportunity to work with you on your project.

Our partner, Jet Power and Control, offers E-Houses uniquely positioned to meet tight project schedules and budgets.  You'll find brochures and more information on Jet Power at the links below. Take the first step by contacting us to discuss how we can help make your project successful.

Thank you,

Matt Kneip
President - pnc POWER SOLUTIONS CO.